BNP Paribas

Foreign Exchange Application

The Project

A Proof Of Concept

Working through a respected technology consultancy I worked as one of a team of 2 UX consultants brought in to help BNP Paribas envisage the future of their digital FX offering.
Working on both the IA and final visual Design this project communicated the layout, patterns and behaviours as well as visual style that could be adopted.

Application screengrabs

The Process

With a dedicated ‘War Room’ we sketched, presented, discussed and amended then repeated this process daily.

Having identified 3 key journeys this application should demonstrate we segmented the users and went about visualising their workflow and key application screens.Being based on site there was a constant influx of user participation which was actively encourage to ensure everyone felt part of the new vision being created. Discussions would move from rough sketches to basic wireframes and end as a full high fidelity visual ready for round table disucssions with the business owners and key user groups.

Process Sketches

The Outcome

See for your self...

The work created during this proof of concept phase was instrumental in defining the direction of the platform now known as Cortex FX.