BNP Paribas

Credit Risk management Platform

The Project

Interface Update

The aim of this project was to take an existing application, which was half way though being developed, and apply design and behavioural consistency to it. Although functionally rich it wasn’t the easiest tool to navigate.

Defining a library of control styles, reviewing screens from key journeys and producing clear UX sprint implementation documents helped turn this application in to a consistent usable tool.

Application screengrabs

The Process

Document just enough, design just enough and work with the development team to perfect.

Producing just enough UX to ensure the development knew what was needed and removing bloated documentation ensured that the UX process was as streamlined as possible.

Design Documentation Examples

The Outcome

Increased Velocity, Professional Look And Feel

With an improved UX process added to the team the delivery velocity increased dramatically. New functionality was now meaningful, useful and clear in it’s purpose. After the first retrospective there was a consistent feeling of pride in this new fresh faced application that had been missing before.